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Finally, I paid heed to my callings and created my website. It took over 140000 words to make me take this decision and I intend to jot, write, and type forever, for I find it the most gratifying thing to do. Believe me, there is so much joy when a writer finds the right word that matches the thought or the visual in the mind.

I have also published those 14000forever,0 plus words as 4 books, namely:-

  1. Till Break of Dawn – my first book which is romantic fiction.
  2. Survivors of a Mutiny – a historical fiction that traces the lives of surviving members of three families after a blood-soaked mutiny in India in the year 1857.
  3. Regarding Lucknow- Tales from a Die-hard. This is a compilation of six essays that were written about the city of Lucknow in India and had gone viral on social media.
  4. A Bachelor in Goa- My newest book, which is a memoir of the time I spent in Goa during the 80s. A must-read for those who live in Goa or who have gone there or intend to go there or have even heard about it. These books are available at Amazon.com. Search by my name, Syed Rizwan, in the books section. You may also visit: https://facebook.com/tillbreakofdawnofficial/insight

In this series, the 5th book is Beyond All Frontiers, A Brief Study on the Origin of Man & Religion.

Contact me here for the availability of all the above books. You may also check it on Amazon.com and Pothi.com. Also available on Flipkart



My latest novel:

My latest novel

There have been additions to my books shelf. The Heavily Indicted Man is a novella in prose and poetry about current times, and The Taming of Islamophobia is an exposure to how an entire community gets targeted for the misdemeanor of stray cases so that hardliners are productively utilised for political and economic gains.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09C33785V – Link for this book.


This homespun writer has seen the hues of many a season and more than a dozen women. So he knows the shades of both. These stories reflect their colours as viewed by him in A STRING OF BROKEN DREAMS.
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At either of the given email addresses – rizwanfaizabadi@hotmail.com; syedr987@gmail.com

Phone number would be given on personal requests. Thanks

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