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Finally, I paid heed to my callings and created my website. It took over 140000 words to make me take this decision and I intend to jot, write and type forever for I find it the most gratifying thing to do. Believe me, there is so much of joy when a writer finds the right word that matches with the thought or the visual in the mind.

I have also published those 140000 plus words as 4 books, namely :-

  1. Till Break of Dawn – my first book which is a romantic fiction.
  2. Survivors of a Mutiny – a historical fiction which traces the lives of surviving members of three families after a blood-soaked mutiny in India in the year 1857.
  3. Regarding Lucknow- Tales from a Die-hard. This is a compilation of six essays that were written about the city of Lucknow in India and had gone viral on social media.
  4. A Bachelor in Goa- My newest book which a memoir of the time I spent in Goa during the 80s. A must read for those who live in Goa or who have gone there or intend to go there or have even heard about it. These books are available at Amazon.com . Search by my name, Syed Rizwan, in the books section. You may also visit : https://facebook.com/tillbreakofdawnofficial/insight

In this series the 5th book is Beyond All Frontiers, A Brief Study on the Origin of Man & Religion.

Contact me here for availability of all the above books. You may also check it on Amazon.com and Pothi.com. Also available on Flipkart



My latest novel:

My latest novel

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Contact Syed Rizwan

At either of the given email addresses – rizwanfaizabadi@hotmail.com; syedr987@gmail.com

Phone number would be given on personal requests. Thanks

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