Alas, we’ve acceded to live in a world of lies,

Where truth forever knocks

At the door of just to recoup and energize.

Bag-full of perjury gets instant entry;

No matter if it is past midnight

And at the door is a drowsy sentry.

While truth in tatters spends many a cold night,

On the bench in the park across the temple

Where fair lady holds the balance at a height.

How long would the hearing be on wait?

What for is this endless case? Truth bewildered,

In an era of make-believe, it is rather too late.

Discard those unbecoming tatters,

For there’s so much more in the sack

Fast track to the commune holding the platters.

Never before was easier to grab power and wealth.

Wake up to deceive in a world full of lies,

Mockery is the way forward and to robust health.

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