Another excerpt from BEYOND ALL FRONTIERS

When death was near Jacob, what faith had he asked his sons they would follow after him? Whatsoever their answer may have been it was certainly not Judaism or Christianity for neither Moses nor Jesus had been born. So followers of which faith would claim which of the prophets and their messages as their own? There are numerous other similar kind of inconsistencies which even the most learned of religious scholars would not be able to address satisfactorily. But setting them aside, it is more relevant to know that the need to lay claim to particular prophets as their own messengers and guides was neither required nor tenable. Because all of the prophets brought the same message for all mankind and logically that should have established the one and the same religion intrinsically, for it just cannot be expected from God to tell one thing to His chosen ones and something different to the others. But regrettably, men deviated from the original messages of each of the prophets and incorporated their own selfish inclinations that accommodated their old customs, ideas and interests and those super-imposed amalgamations created the differences and subsequently the resentments which have been increasing ever since. Hillel, a scholar of the Mishnah school of Jewish thought had said, “Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.”

Years later, as per the Christians, Jesus had said, “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.”

And the Quran says, “Those who are merciful will be shown mercy by the Most Merciful. Be merciful to those on the earth and the One above the heavens will have mercy upon you.”

There could be philosophical difference in the above statements, but the concern for the others contained in them is commonly shared. Would not the world be a better place today, if these words, in principle, had been universally adopted?

Beyond All Frontiers

On the great occasion of Independence Day, it’s a pleasure for me to announce the launch of my new book, Beyond All Frontiers – A Brief Study on the Origin of Man & Religion.

‘And if thy Lord had pleased, verily all who are in the earth would have believed together. What! Wilt thou compel men to become believers.’

An excerpt from ‘Beyond All Frontiers

This is the summary of various theories of philosophers and astrophysicists that have been researched over the past hundred years. The present day thinkers, however, concur that current knowledge is not sufficient enough to adequately describe the origin of the universe, and as such, relying on an event that is termed as The Big Bang, which occurred billions of years ago, to have also triggered life on earth is like a shot in the dark. Because here we are talking about a living being having a brain which has the capability and capacity to access, acquire, gain, store and extrapolate knowledge and has a soul which seeks to use that knowledge to explore not only the origin of the universe but its own self too. Moreover, this living being came into existence at least ten billion years after the Big Bang occurred, so where does lie the connection between two of the most important events in the history of the universe? Without a reasonably acceptable explanation of the link between the Big Bang and origin of life, no half-baked theory, which heavily banks upon future research for endorsement, should honestly be considered for scientific ratification.


Baga lies at the far end of the road that goes from the tri-section at Calangute. Till the year 1990, this road a lot of trees lined up on both the sides of the road and very few hotels and restaurants existed which included a milk bar which was a landmark and favourite of tourists. A classy hotel by the name of Baia Da Sol stood where this road came to a dead end. Next to the hotel was the creek which flowed into the sea and junction could be crossed over by wading across to the the hill on the other side. Few shacks existed nearby Baia Da Sol and the beach was well spread and was ideal for lolling around during the day. No water sports or carts, horses, camels, donkeys or elephants were allowed. The only game that was played was beach volleyball. In short, Baga was the place to relax.

Now the road that goes from Calangute to Baga is dotted with shops which basically sell the same stuffs and the new restaurants are loud and gross. The serenity of the entire stretch and originality of the old mansions and villas has been lost forever. Baga beach has been thoroughly screwed and the standard of the tourists coming here has become pathetically plebeian.


A Bachelor in Goa

Towards the end of our wanderings, the soul’s yearning is to record the lyrics of the song that was the joie de vivre of life. Here in this delightful memoir, a number of extraordinary incidents have been recalled in a manner which make them more scintillating in retrospect.

Two years may not be a long time, but in Goa the days are so stretched out that supplementary phaenomena can find room, and, as such, the basket may fill up faster.

What was a soliloquy has now become a dialogue between the writer and the reader.